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Juicero: A Big Epic Failure in Wellness Industry & Internet of Things

Juicero is a Smart Juice Technology! 
It is smart because the juicing machine connects to Wi-Fi. It seems pretty weird at the beginning to you, which was to me:) And not just to me, to some of the Bloomberg reporters which tasted Juicero and found a big doubt behind it. Just click the video below and watch it first. 

Juicero’ May Be The First Hilariously Epic Failure On ‘The Internet Of Things’

Juicero is a juicer that squeezes juice from bags of pre-packaged produce sold by the same heavily bankrolled Silicon Valley startup who makes the $400 WiFi enabled squeezer.
Doug Evans, the company’s founder, would compare himself with Steve Jobs in his pursuit of juicing perfection. 
He declared that his juice press wields four tons of force—“enough to lift two Teslas,” he said. Google’s venture capital arm and other backers poured about $120 million into the startup. Juicero sells the machine for $400, plus the cost of individual juice packs delivered weekly. Tech blogs have dubbed it a “Keurig for juice.”

 A person close to the company said Juicero is aware the packs can be squeezed by hand but that most people would prefer to use the machine because the process is more consistent and less messy. The device also reads a QR code printed on the back of each produce pack and checks the source against an online database to ensure the contents haven’t expired or been recalled, the person said.

Maybe, starting point was good to try. But what next, now?  

And I say: Hahahaaaa:) Because it is really funny! 

Sources: http://www.redstate.com/jimjamitis/2017/04/19/juicero-may-first-hilariously-epic-failure-internet-things/



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