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Meet AVA: Ovulation Tracking Bracelet ( Wearable Technology for Women))

In 7 of 1 couples in USA is having fertility problems. This is a huge number! And I am sure it is more likely in Europe, too. More women are having difficulties to get pregnant in 21ST century. Technology is trying to help but shouldn't be so neurotic in that sense. 
A fertility bracelet can track your fertility and warn you for best results! 
Meet AVA- Ovulation Tracker Bracelet! Practical, easy to use and detect your fertilizing wisdom by checking your sleep, 
 San Francisco, California-based Ava, a medical technology company focused on women’s reproductive health, announced the launch of its fertility tracking bracelet and companion app. Named simply “Ava,” the direct-to-consumer bracelet uses sensor-enabled technology to detect a woman’s fertility window in a given month. 
The clinically proven way to track your cycle - Finally understand your body
Wear the Ava bracelet at night for effortless insight about your fertility, pregnancy, and your health.
The company, which was founded in Switzerland in 2014 and has raised $2.6 million in fundingrecently concluded clinical studies of the device at the Hospital of Zurich. Ava is registered as a Class I device with the FDA and is intended to be worn at night, when Ava’s sensors collect three million data points around several physiological parameters including heart rate, respiration, temperature and sleep quality. The researchers found Ava to be accurate 89 percent of the time at detecting an average of 5.3 fertile days per a woman’s cycle.

Testimonial 1: Received my bracelet in August and started using it immediately…first and second cycles it predicted my ovulation to be about a week later than I had been thinking…and guess what? I am now pregnant. On my SECOND CYCLE with the Ava bracelet. I’m officially a fan.  – Lizzie

Testimonial 2: “I had migraine headaches randomly throughout the month. With Ava, I realized that I always get them like clockwork right after I ovulate. Ava didn’t solve my headaches (if only!) but it does help me be more prepared for them, so they never take me by surprise anymore.” – Nurit

Source: http://www.mobihealthnews.com/content/digital-fertility-news-ava-launches-new-wearable-glow-hits-security-hitch#sthash.Sz1hfqrs.dpuf

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