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TaKeTINa: Human Intelligence Through Rhythm

TaKeTiNa is pure rhythm—four decades of music, a new kind of rhythm education and therapy, plus international research. As Taketina Founder Reinhard Flatischler said, it is a process.

And to me, it is a healing medicine combined with drums, rhythm, movement, dance, mantras, music, joy, fun, chaos, integrity, disintegrity and peace.   

TaKeTINa, TaKeTINa, Gam mala, Gam mala, Gam ma la, ta ki:)

Last week, I attended Taketina seminar for 3 days in Frankfurt and I must admit that it was much more than just a seminar, but a life experience. After even first session, I always wanted to move forward and found myself running for 30 minutes at the lunch break. By the way, I am not a runner, and I always had difficulties to run. But, there was no pain at all during and after. Furthermore, I felt a big freedom! We made a crazy workout at the end of the 2nd day of the seminar. With the group energy and drums, it was a fascinating experience to me. At the end, I felt a complete peace. I did attend the seminar with no expectations, and I found Taketina a remarkable experience and recommend it deeply. I will definitely do it again:) 

Thank you to Frankfurter Ring and its beautiful team and my dear friend Melissa N. Olcay for the great organization.    

TaKeTiNa was first developed in 1970 by Austrian musician and composer Reinhard Flatischler. Today, it is used throughout the world in university music departments, clinics, in therapeutic practices, in drama schools, in pain therapy, and in management. To see the history, please click here.

Flatischler is a member of the scientific committee of the International Society for Music in Medicine and, together with Dr. Gerhard H. H. Mueller-Schwefe, president of the German Pain Association (DGS) and co-director of the project, "Rhythm and Pain Therapy." Teaming up with leading physicians and scientists, Flatischler publishes research results about the effects of the TaKeTiNa rhythm process. 

                                     Rheinhard is not only a great educator and healer, 
                                      he is also a great musician and spiritual leader. 

Learning in music – learning for life

The TaKeTiNa process is not simply a method of learning music or rhythm; it always involves learning more about yourself and others as well. Everything that hinders our life shows up in this process as a rhythmic problem that can nevertheless be transformed by the learning process that unfolds in TaKeTiNa. This is why TaKeTiNa is also effective in different forms of therapy such as stress reduction, depression, psychotherapy practice and pain therapy. It is a scientifically proven technique! 

From the beginning, TaKeTiNa has been used in the therapeutic context because of its deep and positive psychological and physiological effects. Several hospitals and private clinics have adopted TaKeTiNa as part of their program for clients. There are also ongoing projects with the German Pain Association (DGS) and ProMente in Austria.

Rheinhard and his master teacher, beautiful Tania Bosak has made a remarkable performance for all participants. Eventhough Tania has not spoken much during the sessions, her smile and stillness helped everybody getting calmer and peaceful. 

You should also watch and listen the last masterpiece of Rheinhard: Waves.  

For more info, please visit the webpage of TaKeTINa

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